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5 easy steps running bnc on Risingnet server.

  1. Login to the shell by using Telnet or SSH
  2. Type: getbnc
  3. Change to your BNC directory by typing:cd bnc
  4. Run the BNC configuration by typing (Follow on screen directions): bncsetup
  5. Run BNC by typing: bnc


Open mIRC program and on your status type:
/server portnumber
Example: /server 12383

When propted for a password type:
/quote pass YourPassWord

To change your v-host type:
/quote vip

To connect to an IRC server type:
/quote conn port

If at any time you need help type:
/quote help


BNC includes a script called bncchk that uses the pid file created by the BNC executable to determine if it is executing. The bncchk file needs to be edited and the proper lines modified:




Inside the crontab should be the line:
type: crontab -e
0,15,30,45 * * * * /home/myself/bncchk >/dev/null 2>&1

Modify the path to the bncchk file. This line will check to see if bnc is running every 15 minutes, and if it is not running, will attempt to restart BNC with the information provided by the varibles in the bncchk file.
User Commands

Some clients such as mIRC allow you to type /server servername password This is a feature that allows you to autoconnect to a real server without using CONN inside the pass command.

CONN [server address] [port] [pass]
This will initialize a connection to the real irc server and begin the two-way communication between you and the real irc server, ending the bnc command session.

Turns on the keepalive function, instead of killing your connection when irc dies it resumes to BNC server mode.

VIP [new virtual host]
Issuing VIP alone will list all the V lines included in the configuration file. These lines are not required to use an address and are only there for reference.VIP with an argument will change the address that BNC will attempt to connect to irc with.

Issuing this command will restore the vhost to the address specified on the X line of the connfiguration file, or if that line is absent, restore it to the system default.

This command will change the vhost to the system default, bypassing the X line of that configuration file.

MAIN [Supervisor password]
Sucessful usage of this command will allow one to use the Admin level commands.
Admin Commands

This command will list the login time, nick, and the File descripter number for all current fully logged on users. (meaning the user has to of used the CONN command and be on IRC.)

This command will kill the user who's FD matches the argument.

This command is not fully functional, but will kill all users and end the daemons running process.

This command is more friend version of DIE.

Experimental inter-bnc chat.