Multiple IP VPS

Our Multiple IP VPS offers versatile functionality, allowing you to run various processes within the VPS. With multiple static IP addresses for the virtual host (VHOST), you can seamlessly utilize the virtual dedicated server (VDS) or VPS for a wide range of purposes, including web hosting, email hosting, database hosting, data storage, shell account access, game server deployment, IRC processes, Virtual Private Network (openVPN) usage, and running any hosting applications.

Root access empowers you to install custom programs without needing permission, giving you full control over your VPS environment.

Powered by Linux KVM technology with High Availability for virtualization, our VPS product ensures impressive speed and proven reliability.

Furthermore, our VPS solution includes free DDoS Protection, effectively mitigating attacks of up to 1 Tbps, ensuring your server remains secure and resilient at all times.


 4 GB Memory
 1 TB Bandwidth
 20 GB SSD Storage
 2 Cores @ 2Ghz++
 16 Static IPv4
 255 Static IPv6
 KVM or Xen
 High Availability

 29 per month
 80 per 3 months
 150 per 6 months
 290 per year


IRC VPS Deluxe

 8 GB Memory
 2 TB Bandwidth
 50 GB SSD Storage
 2 Cores @ 2Ghz++
 24 Static IPv4
 255 Static IPv6
 KVM or Xen
 High Availability

 39 per month
 105 per 3 months
 200 per 6 months
 390 per year


IRC VPS Expert

 16 GB Memory
 10 TB Bandwidth
 100 GB SSD Storage
 4 Cores @ 2Ghz++
 64 Static IPv4
 1020 IPv6
 KVM or Xen
 High Availability

 Reseller Panel
 Create multiple VPS

 99 per month
 280 per 3 months
 530 per 6 months
 900 per year



Reliability and High Availability

High availability refers to a system or component that is continuously operational for a desirably long length of time. In the event when the server failed or crashed, resources will automatically move to the second server to avoid long hours downtime.
Your server will always have max uptime!

Complimentary DDoS Protection

Opting for a hosting provider that offers dependable DDoS protection ensures uninterrupted website availability and performance. This safeguards businesses and individuals against potential attacks, creating a secure online environment for genuine users. Prioritizing DDoS protection becomes crucial in preserving access to online assets and minimizing the harmful impacts of DDoS attacks.
RisingNet DDoS Protection can effectively filter multiple 1TBps or 1,000 Gbps attacks.


VPS Control Panel
Managed VPS via web control panel. Start, stop, restart, rebuild, backup, monitor, bandwidth, CPU, memory and more.
Root Access
Full Root Access or Server Administrator control that allow the sysadmin to manage and use it for almost anything you wish.
VPS support TUN/TAP/PPP.
Application Hosting
Install any applications or programs that fit your need such as IRC chat programs, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP), Java, Wordpress, Joomla, ...
Hosting Infrastructure
Server High Availability (HA), rock-solid high-performance server, failover, 99.9% server uptime, redundant storage, incremental backup.
Network Infrastructure
Increase reliability and performance with multi-home internet connection which combines with multiple top tier 1 Internet providers.
Support Native IPv6.
Free Always-on DDoS Protection.
High-performance distributed storage area network (SAN) which provide fast I/O, redundant, resilient, scalable storage, HDD for large storage or SSD for performance.


  • What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

    We accept payment via:
    Credit card: Visa, Master, Amex
    Paypal (required paypal account)
    Direct Deposit:
    - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins
    - Indonesia: BCA Bank (Rupiah)
    - Canada: Interac - BMO, Scotiabank, TD & RBC

  • How can I control or manage my VPS?

    You can manage your VPS directly from the VPS control panel. You can install, reinstall operating system, restart or reboot VPS, and check server resources.

  • What type of Operating System that I can use?

    Operating System that you can choose for your Virtual Private Server: CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian. Please Contact RisingNet Support if you prefer different OS.

  • Why do I need VPS compare with Shared web hosting?

    VPS gives you more control for your hosting resources and software application that you want to run.
    Some package allow you to host unlimited domains, emails and install any software application that you prefer.
    Moreover, you have root access and give you control firewall access list, customize all of the server setting and many more.

  • I don't have server administrator skill, does VPS hosting for me?

    Some basic Linux server administration is required to manage the VPS.
    You will need some basic command line command or install Webmin to help you manage the server via web control panel with graphic user interface (GUI).
    Please Contact RisingNet Support if you need on-demand manage services.

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