Static IP VPN or Dedicated IP VPN

RisingNet Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network connection that creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your computer network internet connection to the public network.
RisingNet utilizes AES-256-SHA to encrypt the tunnel network traffic to prevent Man-in-the-middle attack or eavesdropping.
Most of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) only provide a dynamic IP address.
Which mean, when you restart your network devices, the IP address might change to the different IP. 
RisingNet VPN allows you to connect securely from your computer devices such as
personal computer (PC), smartphone and tables to the internet with a unique static IP or dedicated IP address from United States.
Therefore, your IP address is static or it will never change after you connected to the VPN.
Only you can use your own unique Static IP VPN or Dedicated IP VPN.
The IP is not share with other customer. Each customer will have their own IP address.

VPN Static IP

 1 Static IPv4 & IPv6

 1 Hostname or Vhost

 200 GB Bandwidth

 10 per month
 20 per 3 months
 30 per 6 months
 50 per year
 90 per 2 years


How does RisingNet Static IP VPN works?

 You sign-up or order RisingNet VPN account
 Use VPN clients to connect to RisingNet VPN Server
 Connected to RisingNet VPN Server, your IP should change to RisingNet Static IP
 Enjoy RisingNet Static IP and Encrypted VPN connection

VPN Features

 Support IPv4 and IPv6
 Hide your private IP and Shield Open Wireless Hotspot
 Point your domain to RisingNet VPN IP
 Support Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, Android, IOS (iPhone/iPad)
 No Restrictions Internet Access
 Unlimited VPN Sessions (Connect Multiple Devices)
 Secure encrypted Internet Connection, select encryption type from RC4, AES128 or AES256

 Yearly Contract Only $50/year or $4.17/month

Multiple VPN Protocols
Support Multiple VPN Protocols
Cross Platform
Easy to connect from any devices.
Connect to the VPN Server from most of the computer devices available today.
Mac OS
IOS (iPad/iPhone)
Android (Phone/Tablets)
Secure VPN
Secure Encryption Tunnel
Supporting Multiple Cipher Standards
AES256 (256 bits)
AES128 (128 bits)
Triple-DES (168 bits)
DES (56 bits)
RC4 (128 bits)