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HOWTO setting up SSH tunnel using Unix Shell Account. First you need Unix Shell account or Linux Shell account which have SSH server and allow SSH tunneling, Second, you need SSH client such as Putty and FireFox web browser. If you do not have a shell account, you can order it from (click here)
One of the advantage if you are using Firefox web browser for sock proxy, you are still be able to use your default ISP IP address to browser the internet via second web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. So Firefox will using SSH Tunnel IP and Internet Explorer will use your default Internet IP address.

This tutorial is for those who are using Windows OS.

Putty Setting:
  1. Open Putty
  2. Go to "SSH" and then "Tunnel"
  3. Select Dynamic
  4. Enter: Source port: 8080 and click ADD
  5. Go "Session" on the left menu under Category
  6. Under Hostname, Type in the SSH IP that we assign to you
  7. Under Port, Type in the port number that we assign to you
  8. Under Saves session type in: SSH tunnel and click save
  9. Click "OPEN" for connecting to SSH server
    Next time you can just click load the setting and connect

Please check out the video tutorial below if you more detail
Video Tutorial Putty setting for SSH Tunnel

After you have connected, you need to configure your web browser.

Configure Firefox Browser for SSH tunnel
  1. Open your Firefox browser
  2. Go to: Tools > Options
  3. Next click on: Networks
  4. Next click on: Settings
  5. After that click on: Manual Proxy Configuration
  6. On SOCK enter the IP:
  7. On Port enter port: 8080
  8. Click OK to finish the setup.

Video Tutorial Firefox browser setting for SSH Tunnel

You should be able to browsing using your SSH Tunnel static IP now.

If you have any problem, please contact Support

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