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RisingNet Multihome Network

The RisingNet network connection is designed to help you bring together your company's best resources to communicate better, super fast internet connection, more reliable and work more efficiently than ever before. RisingNet Network Operation Center (NOC) is located in the Westin Building - Seattle, WA and we have direct connection to the Westin Building Meet Me Room with tens of thousands of fiber optic and copper cross-connections that giving us the unlimited number of bandwidth access.

RisingNet has direct connection with multiple bandwidth carriers to ensure the best connectivity for our clients from any location around the world on the Internet. We are a multi-homed, carrier-neutral network which means we are not locked into providing service through any single bandwidth carrier. In fact, we can host your servers and your website through one of several bandwidth carriers depending on which one is best for you.

RisingNet operates its own multihomed BGP IP network (ASN 33211), it consists multiple Gigabit Ethernet connection from high performance bandwidth Tier 1 IP backbone which have the backbone trunks range from multiple 100 Gigabit Ethernet connection to Terabit Ethernet. Moreover, RisingNet IP network also has Gigabit Ethernet line for direct peering with multiple ISP and Seattle Internet Exchange. RisingNet has the open peering policies in the industry. Our peering relationships with other providers place your servers and your internet application to the closer destination on the Internet.

Our network is powered by the Cisco System and Internap. RisingNet network is using the Cisco technology for our network routing devices and switching devices with fully BGP enabled routing protocol. Furthermore, we use the Internap proprietary route control technology, which overcomes the limitations of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for monitors the performance of each Internet backbone, routing your traffic across the best path, providing fast and more reliable data delivery than traditional routing methods. The result, RisingNet network can automatically choose which transit providers or peering providers have the shortest routes and then automatically selects the highest performing provider to ensure our customers the fastest speeds available and the fastest route possible. Customers enjoy better performance, less latency and faster internet access from around the globe!





RisingNet network can handle the most demanding of bandwidth immediately, the utilization is never more than 60% and capacity can be turned up at any time. When your business required additional bandwidth, we can quickly provision new service because we own and manage our own network.

In order to increased the stability, reliability and the highest up-times, all of RisingNet servers and network devices are monitored by third party monitoring system that probes our network machines in regular intervals. In the unlikely event of a machine crash or not responding then RisingNet system/network administrators will be immediately and automatically paged or SMS. RisingNet system/network administrators are available around the clock to handle any remote machine problems and network problems. You can free yourself of the significant investment in hardware and IT personnel for managing your network and let RisingNet's administrators team implement, and manage the network infrastructure for you.