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RisingNet selected Cogent IP transit to provide our customers with multiple upstream providers.
Cogent's worldwide Tier 1 optical IP network has one of the largest fiber interconnect and most direct peering network around the world.
It has the capacity over 115.9+ Tbps internet working.

Cogent provides us the advantage for faster network and shorter route network to our customers.

Cogent Network Map 2016


RisingNet selects Internap as the upstream provider. The advantages for the Internap IP backbone, it creates an innovative way to route data and avoids the Internet's points of congestion.

Rather than provisioning traditional single ISP network access, Performance IP service intelligently routes across up to 8 integrated Network Service Provider (NSP) networks in the Internap Private Network Access Points (P-NAPs). Reduce latency and improve network performance with Internap’s Performance IP™ service because Every millisecond counts. This insulates your traffic from the risk of network outages, providing reliable, stable and predictable connectivity. 


Eggdrop is an IRC bot, written in C. If you don't know what IRC is, this is probably not what you're looking for! Eggdrop, being a bot, sits on a channel and takes protective measures: to keep the channel from being taken over, to recognize banished users or sites and reject them, to recognize privileged users and let them gain ops, etc. One of the more unique features of eggdrop is its "partyline", accessible via DCC chat, which allows you to talk to other people lag-free. Consider it a multi-way DCC chat, or a miniature IRC (complete with channels). You can link up with other bots and expand the partyline until it actually becomes something very much like IRC, in fact. Eggdrop is always being improved and adjusted because there are bugs to be fixed and features to be added. In fact, it existed for several years as v0.7 - v0.9 before finally going 1.0. This version of eggdrop is part of the 1.3 tree. A valiant effort has been made to chase down and destroy bugs. It is definitely nowhere near as buggy as the ircII client. Crashes should be rare and surprising (but aren't they always? [surprising anyway]).

5 easy steps running bnc on Risingnet server.

  1. Login to the shell by using Telnet or SSH
  2. Type: getbnc
  3. Change to your BNC directory by typing:cd bnc
  4. Run the BNC configuration by typing (Follow on screen directions): bncsetup
  5. Run BNC by typing: bnc

HOWTO setting up SSH tunnel using Unix Shell Account. First you need Unix Shell account or Linux Shell account which have SSH server and allow SSH tunneling, Second, you need SSH client such as Putty and FireFox web browser. If you do not have a shell account, you can order it from (click here)
One of the advantage if you are using Firefox web browser for sock proxy, you are still be able to use your default ISP IP address to browser the internet via second web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. So Firefox will using SSH Tunnel IP and Internet Explorer will use your default Internet IP address.