Single Shell Account

Single Shell Account is an IRC shell account which allows you to run IRC proxy program or IRC bouncer such as Psybnc, Znc, Bnc, and Ezbounce.
The IRC bouncer will allow you to hide your real ISP hostname to connect to IRC server with your own custom vhost.
You will receive one static IP for you to create custom vhost such as:
You can see the list of RisingNet domain that you can use for vhosts (click here).
Or If you have your own domain name, you can point it to RisingNet IP address and we will set up the vhost for you.
RisingNet does not provide public vhost list or share vhost. Each user will have their own static IP custom vhost and their own static Ident.
Included free DDoS Protection that helps migrate more than 1 Tbps attacks.

Single Shell

 1 Background Process
 1 GB Storage
 1 Static IPv4 & IPv6
 1 vhost
 Free Installation
 Free Managed
 No Setup Fee

 10 per 3 months
 15 per 6 months
 25 per year
 40 per 2 years


How the IRC Bouncer work?

Connect IRC client (mirc/HexChat/mibbit) to IRC Bouncer (BNC, Psybnc, or ZNC) and connect to IRC Servers
Your IRC bouncer will connect using your custom vhost.
Such as: ident@my-irc.vhost.from.risingnet

  Free ZNC, BNC, psyBNC installation
  Free Managed Service
  Connect using any IRC clients
  ZNC Web Control Panel
  Connect to ZNC, BNC or psyBNC from any IRC Client
  Connect to multiple IRC servers
  Max 2 connections per IRC server
  Connect to unlimited IRC network
  Access to more then 50 domains to create vhosts
 Free Always on DDoS Protection and DDoS Mitigation

Shell Features

Web Hosting

Free web server
URL: http://your.domain/ (optional)
Basic apache service

Shell Access

24/7 shell access via:
SSH (secure shell access)
sFTP (secure files transfer)

Email Account

Email on Shell Account via ELM client
.forward (email forward)

Custom VHOST

Free Static IP for custom vHost
No share vhosts or public vhosts lists
You can create your own custom vhost using
RisingNet domains or your own domain
Access to use more then 50 domains name for custom
virtual host from different countries

VHOST can connect to all IRC servers such as:
Freenode, QuakeNet, Rizon, EFNET
LinkNet, Ustream and many more
We will make sure no KLINE or GLINE on the hostname.

Processes allowed

You can use the shell account to run:
Any bouncer programs

Shell Features


Tcl Scripts
gcc, c and c++
Autoinstall bnc
Autoinstall psybnc
Autoinstall znc
Znc Web Control Panel
Flash Policy (LightIRC)
elm (shell email client)
lynx (shell web browser)
ssh (secure shell access)
connect to IRC Secure server
connect to SSL enable IRC


Advance Rackmount Server 
for unix shell hosting
Multiple UNIX shell servers
Multiple IP blocks
100Mbps connection
OC-192 Backbone
Multi-homed Network
DoS/DDoS mitigation
Firewall & IDS
Low Latency
No ping time out
99%+ Uptime


Shell Account FAQ

  • What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

    We accept payment via:
    Credit card: Visa, Master, Amex
    Paypal (required paypal account)
    Direct Deposit:
    - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins
    - Indonesia: BCA Bank (Rupiah)
    - Canada: Interac - BMO, Scotiabank, TD & RBC

  • What exactly is IRC Shell Account?

    RisingNet shells accounts are for you to use for IRC. You can run eggdrop bots from our server to protect your IRC channels and/or run IRC bouncer to hide your ISP hostname.
    You can also use a shell account for other purpose such as web hosting, video/audio streaming, chat server and more

  • Does RisingNet install the eggdrop bots, bnc, znc and psybnc for my new account?

    RisingNet provides free installation for BNC, ZNC, psyBNC, and Eggdrop bots. We also provide custom program installation with small additional fee. Please Contact RisingNet Support for to discuss more detail.

  • Can I contact RisingNet, if I need help regarding my shell account?

    Yes. If you have questions or experience difficulties with your shell account, please Contact RisingNet Support or chat with us online   Contact Us
    . For questions regarding billing or new order, please Contact RisingNet Billing or chat with us online.

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